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Summary of the Hazardous Waste Vapor Power Generating System
In this example, a Micro-Turbine generator will be used as the power producing equipment.  The ultra low emissions of the Micro-Turbines exhaust easily complies with current and anticipated air environmental regulations.  The Micro-Turbines are capable of being “Grid-Connected”.  This means the electricity that is produced, but is not used onsite, is sold back to the local power utility company.

During the highest rates of flammable vapor collection, excess flammable vapor that cannot be burned in the Micro-Turbines is stored in a high-pressure surge storage tank similar to the common LPG tank.

Micro Turbines
Fuel Cell Power Unit
This system collects the flammable vapor from the source such as a fuel loading rack, waste treatment plant, landfill, etc.  Any water present is removed from the collected flammable vapor and the flammable vapor is compressed. The compressed flammable vapor is then burned in power producing equipment such as a Micro-Turbine Generator or a Fuel Cell to produce electricity (rather than be consumed, as in other methods).
Basic Micro-Turbine Vapor Control Unit P+ID
Inventor of Patented Technology To Convert Hazardous Waste Vapors Into Power
U.S. Patent # 7,762,082 B1
  • Provide sustainable electric power

  • Reduce/eliminate power consumption cost, thereby generating a return on your investment

  • Give you the potential to sell unused electricity back to the local utility company

  • Provide a "GREEN" solution

  • Provide production and construction jobs